Chef King stopped by COLLEGE STATION ELEMENTARY for a Discovery Kitchen program, teaching students and staff how to make a pineapple and corn salsa. Everyone enjoyed watching him work, learning the recipe, and taste testing the salsa. Yum! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, College Station Elementary
cse chef king 1
cse chef king 2
cse chef king 3
Congratulations to JOE T. ROBINSON MIDDLE for serving as host to the Junior High All Region Auditions. It was a group effort from students, staff, band boosters, and the community. Way to go! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Joe T. Robinson Middle
RMS All Region Auditions 1
RMS All Region Auditions 2
RMS All Region Auditions 3
Students at OAK GROVE ELEMENTARY recently made ice cream after reading the book, "Ice Cream Summer." The ice cream project was a reward for 4th graders and Dr. Justin Luttrell, PCSSD Director of STEM, joined the class. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Oak Grove Elementary
oak grove ice cream 1
oak grove ice cream 2
oak grove ice cream 3
MILLS MIDDLE scholars in Mr. Jackson's science class completed a "STEM IS LIT" project based off the book "One Grain of Rice." The protagonist earns a reward from the Raja for a good deed. Instead of riches, she asks for one grain of rice, doubled everyday for a month. Unbeknownst to the Raja, this request allowed her to feed her entire village. Scholars used critical thinking and problem-solving to complete the calendar. The final result was a number in the BILLIONS! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Mills Middle
Mills Middle Rice Project 1
Mills Middle Rice Project 2
The Sherwood Junior Ambassadors recently got to spend the day at the Arkansas State Capitol, getting a tour by Representative Carlton Wing. They got to meet Governor Asa Hutchinson, sat in on the special session, and held a mock committee session. It was a great experience for some of our SYLVAN HILLS JUNIOR HIGH students. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Sylvan Hills Junior High
shjh jr ambassadors 1
shjh jr ambassadors 2
shjh jr ambassadors 3
shjh jr ambassadors 4
Congratulations to ROBINSON MIDDLE student Julionna Brown for selling the most cookie dough at over $3,000! She also won Eagle Fundraising's company wide drawing for Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. Way to go, Julionna! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Joe T. Robinson Middle
rms choir check
Today is Bill of Rights Day. The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights was ratified on December 15, 1791.
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
bill of rights day
We're hiring! PCSSD is hiring for positions across the District for part-time, full-time and temporary positions. Check out the full list of career options on our website: Start the new year with PCSSD! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
now hiring
ROBINSON HIGH junior, Katie Prejean, won 2nd place in the Arkansas School Board Association annual high school speech contest last week. Her speech was titled “Individual Rights vs. the Common Good." She even received a standing ovation! Congrats, Katie! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Joe T. Robinson High
RHS Katie Prejean 1
RHS Katie Prejean 2
December is Read a New Book Month. What is one book you have read recently?
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
read a new book day
Basketball season is in full swing and all four PCSSD high schools have matchups this week. Check out the schedules for MAUMELLE, MILLS UNIVERSITY STUDIES, ROBINSON, and SYLVAN HILLS high schools to cheer on your favorite team! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
robinson basketball
maumelle basketball
sylvan hills basketball
mills basketball
MILLS MIDDLE students in Ms. Sim's class are working hard at mastering new math skills. They have worked hard & are proud of how much they've learned. Ms. Sims said one of the students took a picture of their work to show their mom! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Mills Middle
mills middle math
3rd Grade students at CHENAL ELEMENTARY recently created electromagnets in a science lab. The students were able to use the electromagnet to attract paper clips. Students also reflected on their learning using AVID strategies. #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Chenal Elementary
chenal electromagnets 1
chenal electromagnets 2
chenal electromagnets 3
   chenal electromagnets 4
Did you know your kids can make their own wrapping paper? PBS Kids has some fun, printable pages for kids to color and wrap their gifts:
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
pbs kids
ROBINSON HIGH SCHOOL is headed back to the state championship! If you can't make it to War Memorial, the game will air on Arkansas PBS at 6:30 pm. Good luck, Senators! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence WATCH: TICKETS:
almost 2 years ago, Joe T. Robinson High
football state championship
If holiday light displays are on your to-do list this year, check out this list compiled by Little Rock Soirée magazine to find displays around central Arkansas.
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
christmas lights
Students at HARRIS ELEMENTARY are getting some extra help through tutoring every Tuesday. The students are provided dinner and are able to get some help in subjects as needed. Way to go students and staff! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Harris Elementary
Harris Tutoring 1
Harris Tutoring 2
Harris Tutoring 3
Harris Tutoring 4
Shout out to MAUMELLE HIGH SCHOOL for scoring "best entry" in 2 categories at the annual Maumelle Christmas Parade. The freshman cheer team won for their "Polar Express" float. The band won for their float. Congrats Hornets! #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Maumelle High
Maumelle High Christmas Parade Band
Maumelle High Christmas Parade Cheerleaders
Today is Human Rights Day! The United Nations has chosen this year's theme of EQUALITY: Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights.
almost 2 years ago, PCSSD
human rights day
SYLVAN HILLS HIGH SCHOOL is host to 8 foreign exchange students from 5 different countries this school year. Students and staff made an extra effort to welcome them. Read more about it online: #pcssdproud #equityandexcellence
almost 2 years ago, Sylvan Hills High
shhs exchange student 1
shhs exchange student 2
shhs exchange student 3
shhs exchange student 4