Adam Musto from #CSforArkansas visiting Coach Clark's Programming classes at SYLVAN HILLS JUNIOR HIGH recently. Mr. Musto presented the students with advanced opportunities in coding. #pcssdproud #serveall
12 minutes ago, Sylvan Hills Junior High
shjh coding
LANDMARK ELEMENTARY students recently visited the Dinosaur Explorer exhibit and tour at the William J. Clinton Library and Museum. The 2nd graders had a great time! #pcssdproud #serveall
about 3 hours ago, Landmark Elementary
landmark dino clinton tour 1
landmark dino clinton tour 2
landmark dino clinton tour 3
landmark dino clinton tour 4
landmark dino clinton tour 5
landmark dino clinton tour 6
landmark dino clinton tour 7
landmark dino clinton tour 8
landmark dino clinton tour 9
landmark dino clinton tour 10
The hallways of MAUMELLE MIDDLE are decorated with artwork from students. Check out some of their recent work! #pcssdproud #serveall
about 8 hours ago, Maumelle Middle
maumelle middle art 1
maumelle middle art 2
maumelle middle art 3
maumelle middle art 4
maumelle middle art 5
maumelle middle art 6
maumelle middle art 7
maumelle middle art 8
PCSSD has a goal to include as many students in as many STEM experiences as possible. In addition to STEM is LIT, secondary students have the opportunity to participate in before and after school STEM programs throughout the District. #pcssdproud #serveall
about 12 hours ago, PCSSD
stem is lit
Congratulations to SYLVAN HILLS HIGH golfers qualifying for state! Hailey Middaugh and Taylor Adams qualified for 5A state tournament as individuals and the boys golf team advanced to 5A state tournament, with Tyler Forst placing 1st at conference. #pcssdproud #serveall
1 day ago, Sylvan Hills High
shhs golf 1
shhs golf 2
3rd grade scientists/artists at OAKBROOKE ELEMENTARY made a 3-D science vocabulary activity with colorful strips of paper! Words and “roots “ included bio, eco, duct, ology, etc. to make biologists, conduction, hydrotherapy, etc. #pcssdproud #serveall
1 day ago, Oakbrooke Elementary
oakbrooke science vocab 1
oakbrooke science vocab 2
oakbrooke science vocab 3
oakbrooke science vocab 4
September is Better Breakfast Month. Breakfast is offered at all PCSSD schools and is included in the free and reduced meal program. Fill out the application and find out more details here: #pcssdproud #serveall
1 day ago, PCSSD
better breakfast month
Thank you to Be Pro Be Proud Arkansas for bring their mobile tour to JOE T. ROBINSON HIGH recently. The tour bus lets students learn about all the skilled professional job opportunities available in Arkansas. #pcssdproud #serveall
2 days ago, Joe T. Robinson High
rhs be pro be proud 1
rhs be pro be proud 2
CRYSTAL HILL ELEMENTARY's Coach Wofford created a carnival themed physical education experience for students to practice throwing skills. Coach Wofford also implemented AVID by having students define and illustrate both overhand and underhand throws. #pcssdproud #serveall
2 days ago, Crystal Hill Elementary
ches carnival 1
ches carnival 2
ches carnival 3
ches carnival 4
ches carnival 5
ches carnival 6
ches carnival 7
SYLVAN HILLS MIDDLE students got a treat last week! Principal, Mr. Hudgeons, got to go back to the classroom to fill in during a math class. He taught 7th graders about equations! #pcssdproud #serveall
2 days ago, Sylvan Hills Middle
shms hudgeons equations 1
shms hudgeons equations 2
shms hudgeons equations 3
shms hudgeons equations 4
Today is Human Resource Professional Appreciation Day. We are so appreciative of our team's hard work and dedication to PCSSD staff. Thank you! #pcssdproud #serveall
2 days ago, PCSSD
hr professional day
4th and 5th graders at DAISY BATES ELEMENTARY had a visit from the Museum of Discovery. Museum staff put on a science presentation for the students! #pcssdproud #serveall
3 days ago, Daisy Bates Elementary
dbes mod 1
dbes mod 2
dbes mod 3
dbes mod 4
dbes mod 5
dbes mod 6
CHENAL ELEMENTARY students recently collected coins to raise money for the Osteosarcoma Institute and children battling bone cancer. The class that collected the most money will win a pizza party #pcssdproud #serveall
3 days ago, Chenal Elementary
chenal change battle 1
chenal change battle 2
chenal change battle 3
SYLVAN HILLS HIGH senior, Leah LeVar has been named a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist! #pcssdproud #serveall
3 days ago, Sylvan Hills High
leah levar
OAKBROOKE ELEMENTARY students recently used clay and foil to design a boat. Students had to use what they knew about density and the other properties of matter to design a boat to carry a large amount of cargo (pennies) without sinking. #pcssdproud #serveall
3 days ago, Oakbrooke Elementary
oakbrooke boats 1
oakbrooke boats 2
oakbrooke boats 3
oakbrooke boats 4
oakbrooke boats 5
oakbrooke boats 6
oakbrooke boats 7
oakbrooke boats 8
oakbrooke boats 9
oakbrooke boats 10
PCSSD wishes our Jewish community an easy fast on this Yom Kippur. #pcssdproud #serveall
4 days ago, PCSSD
yom kippur
Today is the International Day of the Deaf. This year's theme from the World Federation of the Deaf is: A World Where Deaf People Everywhere Can Sign Anywhere! The organization encourages all people to learn sign language. #pcssdproud #serveall
4 days ago, PCSSD
international day of the deaf
It's officially the first day of Fall! #pcssdproud #serveall
5 days ago, PCSSD
first day of fall
September is Attendance Awareness Month. More than 25% of students were chronically absent last year, putting them at higher risk of not learning to read and eventually dropping out. That is up from 15% before the pandemic. #pcssdproud #serveall
5 days ago, PCSSD
attendance awareness month
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Did you know that suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among 10-14 year olds? It is also the 12th leading cause of death in the U.S. #pcssdproud #serveall
5 days ago, PCSSD
suicide prevention month