SHHSN announces Educator of the Year and Support Staff of the Year

On Thursday June 11, 2020, Sylvan Hills High School North announced its Educator of the Year and Support Staff of the Year.  The 2019-2020 Educator of the Year is Ms. Robin Dunlap. The 2019-2020 Support Staff of the Year is Ms. Ramona Padron. Principal Yvone West along with assistant principal Leslie Ireland and the faculty surprised the duo with the big news by conducting a drive thru parade with their names spelled out on each of the cars. “Every year we celebrate excellence by awarding the Educator of the Year and Support Staff of the Year,” West said. “These exceptional educators dedicate themselves to their students and their communities, and their passion for helping their students succeed is inspiring. These two ladies  are  great examples of what exceptional teaching, diligence, and hard work means in our school.”

Educator of the Year

Ms. Dunlap has been a part of the Sylvan Hills family for several years, planning and implementing instruction for students with disabilities, and supporting students in participating in the whole school community. She currently teaches Life Skills.  She is passionate about her students and goes out of her way to provide them with whatever they need to be successful. At any time, she can be found around the school with her students completing tasks and helping them develop life skills. Dunlap believes that all children can learn, and to achieve her vision of academic success for all, she implements innovative strategies geared to students’ strengths. She believes in the power of inclusion, where everyone can participate in learning together and experience diversity as an asset. 

Support Staff of the Year

Ms. Padron or Ms. Mona, as she is affectionately called,  has been a part of the SHHSN family for 3 years and serves as our lead custodian. She can be seen on any given day throughout the school working and assisting students and teachers. One of her colleagues said,  “She  has a kind heart, an avid chatter, (she never passes anyone without greeting them) and the kind of employee that doesn't let her 'station' stop her.” Ms. Mona has always given herself to the betterment of the school. She works very hard to make sure that the teachers, administrators, and the students have the best conditions to be successful.