national guard

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. - The Army National Guard, the oldest branch of the military, is looking for high school students to join their ranks and help with missions.

The Army National Guard has dual missions, including serving the state in times of crisis as well as federal deployments overseas. The National Guard’s service members serve approximately one weekend a month and 2-3 weeks in the summer in jobs including medical, law enforcement, engineering, military intelligence, mechanics, field artillery, infantry, human resources, computer engineering, communications, and much more.

In exchange for their service, service members receive educational and financial benefits including 100% tuition paid to any public state college, a $20,000 sign on bonus when applicable, and monthly drill pay starting at $250 for one weekend per month. Service members can also receive $4,000 in tuition assistance for private or out of state college, $392 monthly while in college as part of the GI Bill, and an additional $350 monthly while in college for service members scoring a 50 or higher on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.

Interested students should contact the Staff Sergeant at their school at the phone number below:

Robinson High School - Staff Sergeant Walker 501-676-8074

Maumelle High - Staff Sergeant Bays 501-681-1107

Mills University Studies High - Sergeant Moore 501-319-3290

Sylvan Hills High - Sergeant Richardson 501-257-7680