baker stock market game abram wylie and tre' barnes

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- Two students from Baker Elementary recently won the Fall 2021 Stock Market Game, by Economics Arkansas.

Abram Wylie and Tre’ Barnes are both fifth graders in Ms. Susan Fountain’s class. Her class participates in the Stock Market Game each year. Students work in teams, partnerships, and even as individuals to invest a virtual $100,000 in companies of their choice. The investments are put into a portfolio, which updates just like they have spent real money daily.

Throughout the game, students are taught about shares, stocks, bull and bear markets, private companies vs. publicly traded companies, and more.

“They love the challenge of figuring out when to hang on to what they have bought and when to sell,” said Ms. Fountain. “I teach mini lessons and complete activities with students to teach them concepts and give them opportunities to apply their skills as they research companies and make decisions about which stocks to purchase.”

Economics Arkansas has competitions for Elementary, Junior High, and High School, with each category broken into six regions around the state. Baker Elementary won Region 5 during the Fall semester. The winning students receive a cash prize.