April 1, 2022

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- The Pulaski County Special School District is excited to announce the creation of a District mascot! We welcome Patty the puffin as the new visual representation of PCSSD. 

While all schools will be keeping their own mascots, PCSSD believes Patty will allow for all families and students to rally around this tufted puffin and the District.

Tufted puffins are found in British Columbia and throughout southeastern Alaska. It is a small, but mighty bird coming in at 14 inches long and weighing nearly 2 pounds. The tufted puffin is particularly fierce in the water where it can dive and swim to capture its prey, which mostly consists of marine invertebrates.

Not only are they mighty predators of small marine life, the tufted puffin is astutely resourceful by making its home on islands or cliffs that their predators cannot reach.

PCSSD is looking forward to implementing Patty the puffin!