shhs make a wish

PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. -- The baseball team and cheer squad from Sylvan Hills High School took part in a special moment for a young man who is battling leukemia. The teams came together to create a cheering section as Aiden (the young man) arrived for his Make-A-Wish event. The Bears cheered Aiden on as arrived at Best Buy in North Little Rock in a limousine for a shopping spree as part of his Wish.

Sylvan Hills High School has been raising funds for the Make-A-Wish program for the past five years, collecting nearly $15,000 during that time.

“The process has meant a lot to our students over the years,” said Sylvan Hills High teacher Larie Scallon. “When I occasionally see former students in the grocery store and various places it is one of the first things they ask me, ‘hey are you still taking your student’s to help with Make~A~Wish.’ Our students have also gotten to meet wish kids and are always very humbled by their stories. I think it is a great thing for our students to learn to give back, most of the time they end up being the ones who get the most out of the experience.”

Thank you students, Ms. Scallon, Coach Tipton, and Coach Duncan for participating in this event!