dbes first day of school

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Thousands of students were back in the classroom Monday, including in Little Rock.

Monday we had an inside look at one of the Pulaski County Special School Districts, and we saw how students in the Pulaski County Special School District are handling the changes this school year.

“Now that we’re back in the traditional classroom, I’m really looking forward to being able to get one on one with each student,” 1st-grade teacher, Shanna Smith said. 

The excitement from staff as kids walk through the hallway of Daisy Bates Elementary School in Little Rock. 

“It was challenging to meet their needs and it was more of a process to learn,” Smith said. 

Smith taught virtual last year because of COVID-19 but this year she said students quickly adjusted to following protocols.

“As far as the masks go they’ve done really well with keeping them pulled up,” Smith said. 

Daisy Bates Elementary School’s principal said they are doing everything that they can to keep students healthy and safe.

“All of the things and protocols in place last year, we have them still,” Daisy Bates Elementary

Principal, Masako Christian said. “The masks, the sanitizing, at least 6 feet when possible in classrooms, separating them in the cafeteria.”

Some students have even gotten a little creative to practice some of the safety guidelines.

“It’s really helpful in our hallways because it’s tile floor so they count the titles between them and the other students around them,” Smith said. 

Smith said she had concerns but things have started off on the right track.

“There was a little bit of worry about, oh they’ve been out so, is it going to take longer to get them situated but they just gotten right in there,” Smith said. “They’re so ready to be back.”

The principal said the school and district have been in communication with parents along the way but if they ever have other concerns they should reach out.