Oakbrooke Life Skills

Both Life Skill classes at Oakbrooke visited the pumpkin patch this week. These classes are made up of students in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

This group has been learning about pumpkins and farms the past month. They went on a hayride all throughout the patch and even got to see some of the Christmas trees that are growing. They walked through a petting zoo and the students got to feed the goats.

The students were able to pick their own pie pumpkins from the vine. We had so much fun and Motley’s Pumpkin Patch were so very accommodating and patient with us. 

Teachers: Brittany Slayton and Pamela Henderson
Paraprofessional: Vicki Wynne, Phyllis Brucks, Belinda Langel, Vivienne Greene, Cheryl Bohn
Nurse Sheila Brown
Therapists: Michelle Keaton-OT 
Della Brown-OT, Ginny Young-SLP, Aimee Stepp-SLP, and Karla Smith-PT