THEA Chalk Art

The THEA Foundation’s annual sidewalk chalk event, THEA Paves the Way, brought artists from all over Arkansas to the Clinton Library on Saturday, September 21. The sidewalks were covered in a vibrant tapestry of dozens of chalk drawings, a collaborative art project involving many artists, young and old, teams and individuals.

Robinson High School and Middle School Art Teachers Chris Swaty, John Van Horn, and Katie Combs brought out a team of Robinson students to the event. The group created a collaborative chalk drawing that told a playful story composed ad-lib style. Space dinosaurs evolved into a dramatic tale of lost Nikes, Magic School Bus drop-off, and a Death Star attack.

There was much laughter to be had as new additions to the story appeared and the artwork took on a goofy life of its own. Hands and clothes were covered in chalk and faces were streaked with chalk dust, the mark of true artists. It was a learning experience too, as we walked around and learned from other artists about their amazing chalk techniques and tricks, giving us so many ideas for next year! 

The fun was perfectly topped off by Chris Swaty receiving a THEA Foundation gift card for art supplies for the high school! Congratulations!