Professional Development provides all Certified Staff with 60 hours of professional development. The emphasis of all professional development training will be to provide teachers with the necessary tools to raise student achievement.

Dr. Darnell B. Bell
Director of Federal Programs/Professional Development, Learning Services
Phone: 501.234.2205
Fax: 501.490.0254

Casey Dailey
Senior Instructional Technology and Professional Development Facilitator
Phone: 501.234.2114


In Pulaski County Special School District, it is the responsibility of each teacher to login to escWorks (referred to as escWorks account or escWorks Shoebox), register for each event they plan to attend, update their login information to reflect changes in location, keep track of their shoebox account periodically, and inquire about any discrepancies in their account annually.

escWorks Instructions: Manage Your Shoebox


  1. Make location arrangements.

  2. Complete all sections of the escWorks Number Request Form for session approval.

  3. You will receive an e-mail to approving/denying your event.

  4. If approved, your escWorks number will be sent to your e-mail address.

  5. Distribute the escWorks number to your selected audience.

  6. Print the sign-in sheet (get instructions).

    • For the attendees who did not register, use the official Unregistered Sign-in Sheet.

  7. Make and keep a copy of the sign-in sheet.

  8. Scan and email the sign-in sheet to the Office of Professional Development ( later than 60 days after the event.

  9. Attendees will receive credit.


According to the Rules for Professional Development, each educator is required to obtain a minimum of 36 hours of professional development each year for license renewal. PCSSD provides 60 hours of Professional Development to all contracted certified educators. The 60 hours of required professional development include but are not limited to:

Schools, districts cooperatives, and approved PD providers may offer these professional learning opportunities. Licensed educators may also access required courses on Arkansas IDEAs.


If you request a License Renewal Verification from the Professional Development department, it is the responsibility of the licensed educator to check the status of their hours for the last five (5) school years. This is to ensure that the licensed educator is aware of any shortages of the standard requirement of sixty (60) hours in each of the past years. It is also their responsibility to establish when and why the discrepancy took place. To request a copy of your license verification, please e-mail the last four of you SSN.


If the Licensed Educator has turned in any documentation for sessions completed outside of Pulaski County Special School District, that documentation will be entered into the districts escWorks record system. These “outside” hours will be coded in the system, and will be reflected in the escWorks transcript as “Outside Professional Development”, “Outside Arkansas IDEAs”, and “Outside Parental Involvement”, etc. The documentation for the “outside” Professional Development sessions must be turned in to the Professional Development Office no later than sixty (60) days after the last day of the session. All credit taken outside of PCSSD will be shown in the escWorks shoebox as “outside”, listed under the first day of the school year (June 1).

To receive credit for hours completed outside the teacher workday/ work year completed for any “outside” professional development then you will need to complete a Pre-Approval Form. This form must be signed by the teachers principal/coordinator and the Director of Professional development two week prior to the event. This form will be submitted with the Certificate of Completion and the Flex Form (note: you will be required to make a copy of the form in order to fill it out) to the Office of Professional Development prior to May 1st.


  1. Get pre-approval for your event- minimum of two weeks prior to attending.

  1. Attend requested session.

  2. At session collect an agenda and certificate of attendance (if no certificate is given, collect a copy of the sign-in sheet)

  3. Scan and email the agenda, certificate or sign-in sheet, and pre-approval to

    • You have a maximum of 60 days after the events end date to turn in this documentation.

    • It is the responsibility of the attendee to turn in this documentation to Professional Development. DO NOT give copies of your documentation to your school to be turned in for PD.

  4. Keep a copy of all documentation for your records.

  5. Do not send in duplicate documentation.

  6. Credit will be added to your escWorks shoebox a maximum of three weeks after receipt of documentation.

All credit taken outside of PCSSD will be shown as “outside” in your escWorks shoebox, listed under the first day of the school year (June 1).


Instructional Supplemental Schedule


Professional Development (Certified)*

Work that involves production of a curriculum, working with children or parents. (Certified)*

Professional Development/Parental Involvement/Tutor (Support)*

ESL/ELL Interpreter (plus mileage at district approved rate)


Homebound Teacher ( plus mileage at district approved rate)**

Amount without benefits

$25.00 per hour

$31.25 per hour

$15.00 per hour


$15.00 per hour


Amount of benefits






33% (approximate)

*This is for voluntary work beyond the contracted day or year. Prior to payment the ACSIP Expenditure Checklist must be completed and approved. Stipends should be accounted for in the ACSIP.

**Paid Daily Rate of Pay (DRP).