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Pre-K applications for students ages 3 and 4 years old by August 1, will be accepted beginning January 11, 2021. Please note: Your application is not approved until you receive a letter of acceptance. Students with incomplete applications ( ex. missing well child exam or immunizations) will not be considered for placement on a class roster. Therefore, students will not be able to attend school until the application is complete. Slots are limited. Families must qualify based on Arkansas Better Chance Grant requirements.
Should you have any questions please contact our Pre-K department via email

2021-2022 PRE-K NOTICE:

Several PCSSD Pre-K Program sites have reached capacity for the 2021-2022 school year.  We must have all required documents (listed below) with your application for approval from the Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) grant. 

Please include an active email with your registration paperwork. We will use this as a method to contact you, if there is any missing documentation to complete your application.

If the application/file is complete and approved through ABC, your student will then be placed on the waiting list.  An email will be sent if/once the status of your student's placement changes.

If you are interested in alternate locations (locations different from the one listed on the application), please contact the PCSSD Pre-K Department at 501-234-2065 or 234-2066.


Please download and complete the following PDF forms before filling out the online Pre-K Application. You will be prompted to upload the completed forms as part of the application. A help document is available with some notes to assist in the process.

To ensure processing of your application, please take scans or photos of the following items and attach them when prompted in the application form below.

  • Proof of Income ( 1 month of income) Ex. Paycheck stubs (must be consecutive), 2020 W-2 forms, Tax Return, Etc. * Must Meet 200% of Poverty Guidelines

  • Child's Birth Certificate

  • Child's Social Security Card

  • Child's Up-To-Date Immunization Record

  • Proof of Address

  • Legal Documents

    • Pertaining to student's medical, safety, and/or custody issues

  • Documentation of receiving Special Services (ex. Speech, OT, PT, Behavior, Cognitive)

Parents are responsible for notifying the PCSSD PreK Registrar at 501-234-2065 of any changes in address or phone number.