All professional staff, students, and visitors are expected to follow ADH and CDC guidelines in regard to using hand sanitizer and handwashing when possible. Hand soap will be available in all restrooms. Hand sanitizer stations will be available in all common areas. Students are encouraged not to share supplies. When sharing is necessary, supplies will be sanitized after each use. Water fountains will not be available. Students will use bottled water during this time and are encouraged to bring one each day. The district will provide students bottled water during breakfast and lunch. The district will have bottled water available on a limited basis outside of breakfast and lunch times.


Face coverings may be any of the following: medical masks, cloth masks (must be clean and dry) with two to three layers of fabric, or shields. All face coverings should cover both the mouth and nose at all times. Students are required to wear masks on the bus and all indoor spaces. Please refer the CDC guidelines for tips and instruction on proper ways to wear face coverings. PCSSD does not allow gaiters, bandanas or vented masks as approved face coverings per ADH guidelines. Face shields are allowed for students who need to use this face covering option as a medical alternative to a face mask.


All professional staff will be required to wear a mask and a shield/goggles when students are present. During phonics instruction, teachers may remove their mask, but the face shield must be kept on. Students in grades Pre-K through 12 will be required to wear face masks according to ADH guidelines. Students may be allowed to remove face masks for short periods of time when physical distancing can be achieved (outdoors).

All students should wear a mask to school everyday. If your student arrives without a mask, they will be given a disposable mask for the day. If your student refuses to leave a mask on throughout the day, that becomes a safety issue and will be addressed according to the wellness violation protocol by receiving a Mask Violation Parent Notification. Appeals for this procedure must be made to the PCSSD Coordinator of Health Services.  


All professional staff, students, and visitors will observe physical distancing (6-12 feet) when possible. Classrooms, cafeterias, and other spaces will be rearranged to account for spacing recommendations. 


Students Who Become Sick at School
Students will be screened using the ADH protocol upon arrival each day by designated school staff. Students will be sent home if their temperature is above the allowed limit in ADH guidance. A designated area will be used to isolate any student who becomes sick. The student must be fever-free for 48 hours prior to returning to school. The school staff will perform an additional screening upon the student’s return.

Positive COVID-19 Cases & Contact Tracing
If a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19, he/she will contact the building principal/supervisor. In turn, the principal/supervisor will contact human resources. PCSSD will have a point of contact with the ADH and follow the protocol developed by ADH. In the event that there is a positive case in a building, the ADH and ADE will advise on steps to be taken to support the health and well-being of students, staff, and families. If school closure is required, all professional staff and students will work remotely until directed by ADH and ADE to reopen. During the closure, the school will undergo additional cleaning and sanitizing.

Student, Staff, and Visitor Screening
Temperature screenings will be performed on all professional staff, students, and visitors daily. Visitors will be limited to essential business only as approved by the administrator. Our professional staff will complete a daily screening tool based on ADH guidelines. 


The PCSSD Maintenance Department will follow all recommended practices given by ADH. The appropriate cleaning agents and other sanitizers will be used including hospital-grade disinfectants in all learning spaces. Each classroom will be provided sanitizer, disinfectant spray, and disinfectant wipes for teachers to clean and sanitize throughout the day.