• Venue capacity should be determined by having all spectators maintain 6-feet physical distance from other spectators at all times. Single-household family groups may sit together but 6-feet physical distance must be maintained from all other groups or individuals.

    • Bleacher seating should be restricted such that every other row is unoccupied.

    • Standing room only/ additional chair seating should be marked on the ground to provide 6-feet physical distance between spectators or groups.

    • NOTE: Though the Large Outdoor and Indoor Venue directives allow up to 66%, the above requirements for physical distancing may put actual capacity between 25-50%.

  • Face coverings are required for all persons present, except for children under the age of 10 years old.

    • Due to increased production of respiratory droplets during yelling and cheering, face coverings should remain in place even when attendees are seated and maintaining required physical distancing. NOTE: Face coverings may be removed in order to consume food or beverage but should be in place immediately afterwards.

  • Concessions shall comply with the current Directive Regarding Resuming Restaurant Dine-In Operations

    • Customer self-service condiment bars and buffets are prohibited

    • Consider reducing/adjusting menu offerings to promote expedient flow through concessions and reduce congestion in concession stand lines.

From ADH Directive Large Outdoor Venue and Large Indoor Venue Plans for School Sponsored Team Sports, August 14, 2020


On March 26, 2020, the Secretary of Health in consultation with the Governor placed limitations on public gatherings. This directive provides requirements for lifting limitations to community and school- based music practicing and performing.

The wearing of face coverings must comply with Executive Order 20-37 and the Face Coverings Directive. Face coverings that completely cover the nose and mouth are required for everyone 10 years of age or older. Children between ages of 2 years and 9 years are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering.

Additional Requirements

  • Woodwinds and Brass must use a mask while playing which includes a small straight slit in a surgical style mask. Do not use the woodwind/brass mask with a slit outside of rehearsal or performance. Flutists and piccoloists can slide the instrument in the side of the mask.

  • Bell covers are required as "masks" for wind instruments. Bell covers can be made of multi-layered high denier nylon material and provide a barrier for aerosols.

  • Trombones must have an additional three feet of distancing making their space 9 feet by 6 feet.

  • Choral musicians must be arranged in straight formations rather than curved and keep their face coverings on at all times.

  • Theater must follow the choral requirements except alignment of performers does not have to be in a straight formation.

  • Practice and performance including woodwind and brass instruments and choirs are preferred to be held outdoors at this time.

    • Outdoor practicing and playing must cease after 30 minutes for approximately five minutes to allow aerosols to disperse.

    • Swabbing and removal of water from wind instruments should use a disposable product (such as paper towels or puppy pad) which is placed in a plastic bag and thrown away.

    • Masks may be removed when outdoors when actively marching and the mask is inhibitory to practice and performing. Distancing of 6 ft shall be maintained at all times.

  • Practice and performance may be held indoors if the following can be attained:

    • A 6 foot by 6 foot area maintained around all, with a 9 foot by 6 foot area around the trombone.

    • Teachers are recommended to use a portable amplifier to keep their voices at a low conversational volume.

    • Swabbing and removal of water from wind instruments must use a disposable product (such as paper towels or puppy pad) which is placed in a plastic bag and thrown away.

    • Indoor rehearsal and playing times must be limited to 30 minutes, with a minimum of 20-minute break before that room is used again. A minimum of one air exchange (which 20 minutes will generally achieve) prior to the next use of the room is required, with three air exchanges preferable.

    • HEPA filters appropriate for the size of the room are strongly recommended.

    • These requirements will continue to be updated as new information is released and it becomes necessary.

From ADH Directive for Community and School Sponsored Music and Theater, amended August 14, 2020