The Office of Educational Accountability provides schools, divisions and staff with a variety of timely data, both ongoing and for special reporting, in order to promote data-driven decision making and enhance communication with the public. The office ensures greater transparency in communication of district and school progress by increasing the speed in which data is analyzed and delivered to schools. Included in this effort is the distribution of the mandated District Annual Report and Achievement Report to the public. Another function requires the collaboration, monitoring, maintenance and sharing of enrollment reports.

The Office of Educational Accountability oversees and directs administrative divisions and individual schools in the preparation and ongoing efforts of North Central accreditation and works with the Arkansas Department of Education’s Standards Assurance Unit, along with district administrative divisions and schools, for compliance with state standards.

Arkansas Department of Education Accreditation Status: The PCSSD District and none of its schools were on probationary status during the 2018-2019 school year.

For more information about the Office of Educational Accountability, contact Dr. Yolaundra Williams, Director of Special Programs at 501.234.2090 or