Pam Black
Director of Career Education

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PCSSD offers career and technical focused education at all secondary schools in the district.

Middle School: Opportunities in Business, Career Guidance, Family and Consumer Science, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). KeyCoding is required in the 7th grade and Career Development is a requirement in the 8th grade. The following electives are also offered, but may vary by school:


  • Keyboarding (6th)

  • Introduction to Business Communications and Technologies

  • Survey of Business (8th for high school credit [1])

Family and Consumer Sciences

  • Exploring Personal Finance

  • Family & Consumer Science (Family CSI)

  • Leadership and Service Learning

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  • App Creators

  • Automation and Robotics

  • Computer Science for Innovators and Makers

  • Design and Modeling

  • Flight and Space

  • Magic of Electrons

  • Science of Technology

High School: Opportunities in Business/Marketing, Career Readiness/Work-Based Learning, Family and Consumer Science, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and Trade and Industry. These vary by high school and are grouped in programs of study. Students may take a course even if they do not plan on completing the pathway as long as any prerequisites have been met.

Business & Marketing Programs of Study

  • Cluster: Hospitality and Tourism

    • Pathway: Travel and Tourism Program of Study 

      • Hospitality and Tourism

      • Arkansas Tourism Industry (1/2 credit)

      • Hospitality Administration (1/2 credit)

      • Tourism Industry

      • Survey of Business

  • Cluster: Marketing

    • Pathway: Marketing Management Program of Study

      • Marketing Business Enterprise

      • Small Business Operations or Marketing Management

      • Pathway: Marketing Research Program of Study: Digital Marketing

      • Survey of Business

      • Digital Marketing

      • Markets and Analytics

      • Survey of Business

Family and Consumer Science Programs of Study

  • Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    • Pathway: Visual Arts Program of Study

      • Clothing and Housing Design

      • Family and Consumer Sciences

      • Fashion and Interior Design

      • Advanced Fashion and Interior Design

  • Cluster Human Services

    • Pathway: Family and Community Services Program of Study 

      • Human & Social Services

      • Dynamics of Human Relationships

      • Life Span Development

      • Family and Consumer Sciences

    • Pathway: Family and Community Services Program of Study

      • Nutrition Science and Dietetics

      • Family and Consumer Sciences

      • Food Safety & Nutrition

      • Life and Fitness Nutrition

  • Cluster: Education and Training

    • Pathway: Teaching and Training Program of Study

      • Education and Training

      • Life Span Development

      • Foundations of Teaching

      • Methods of Teacher Instruction

  • Cluster: Hospitality and Tourism

    • Pathway: Personal Care Services Program of Study

      • Cosmetology

      • Cosmetology I

      • Cosmetology II (2 credits)

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Programs of Study

  • Cluster: Health Sciences

    • Pathway: Biotechnology Research and Development Program of Study

      • Biomedical Sciences

      • Principles of Biomedical Sciences PLTW

      • Human Body Systems

      • Medical Interventions

  • Cluster: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

    • Pathway: Engineering and Technology Program of Study

      • Pre-Engineering – PLTW

      • Introduction to Engineering Design

      • Principles of Engineering

      • Aerospace Engineering or Civil Engineering and Architecture (both are weighted credit)

  • Cluster: Information Technology

    • Pathway: Programming/Software Development Program of Study

      • Computer Science

      • CS with Programming/Coding Emphasis 1 and 2 or Programming

      • College Board Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles Level 1 and 2

      • CS with Programming/Coding Emphasis 3 and 4

Trade and Industry Programs of Study

  • Cluster: Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    • Pathway: A/V Technology & Film Program of Study

      • A/V Tech and Film

      • Fundamentals of Audio/Video Tech & Film

      • Intermediate Audio/Video Tech & Film

      • Advanced Audio/Video Tech & Film

  • Cluster: Government & Public Administration

    • Pathway: National Security Program of Study

      • Army JROTC

      • Army JROTC I

      • Army JROTC II

      • Army JROTC III or Army JROTC IV or JROTC Health (1/2) and JROTC Physical Education (1/2)

    • Pathway: Manufacturing Program of Study

      • Maintenance, Installation, and Repair OR Production

      • Industrial Technologies I

      • Industrial Technologies II (2 credits)

In addition to the educational classes, PCSSD also offers career readiness and work-based learning opportunities.

  • Internships

  • Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG)

  • Youth Apprenticeship

  • Freshman Seminar