PCSSD offers an after-school intervention program for students in Grades 6-12 at each secondary campus. Both high school and middle school programs will offer academic intervention and support during TBD time frames until sessions close.


The after-school program is designed to provide “real-time” intervention and support for all secondary students who need additional assistance. Effective implementation will increase graduation rate and American College Test performance and decrease retentions at the middle level. The program will provide ongoing tutoring and academic assistance to middle school students in the four core areas throughout the school year and, consequently, eliminate the need for summer school for middle school students. There will be no summer school programming for middle school students. Credit recovery will be provided for high school students along with ACT preparation in English and mathematics. Seating is limited; therefore, each school will determine participation based on student need.


The middle school program is designed for any middle school student who has failed the first and/or third quarters of math or English and/or science and social studies and who may be on a trajectory for retention. The high school program is designed to help students who need math or English credit for graduation (seniors are given first priority).


Qualifying students will be contacted by the school and, based on available seating, will be placed in the after-school program after parent notification and approval have occurred.


High school: TBD

Middle school: TBD

*After-school will not be held when school is not in session.


Each secondary school will have two highly qualified teachers to provide support and assistance to students: 1) one English and one math for each high school; and 2) one English/social studies and one math/science for each middle school.

Credit and course recovery will be provided through the use of Edgenuity and hands-on support by highly qualified teachers. Student performance data will be collected to address skills to be reinforced. After-school program teachers will provide feedback to regular classroom teachers regarding progress and areas of need. ACT prep materials will be used as a guide to provide reinforcement for the acquisition of required skills.


There will be no summer school for middle school students. Course recovery should occur throughout the school year; this is a more effective approach for students. Summer school will only be offered to high school students for a cost of $100.00 per student (PCSSD students), per course. Since credit recovery is being provided for English and mathematics during the school year, there will be no summer school tuition scholarships for high school students in English and mathematics. Summer school will be offered only to high school students at one location. All parents are asked to encourage participation of students for whom the program has been developed.

*Parents/guardians will be required to provide transportation for all students who participate in the after-school intervention program.

Need more information? Contact your school administrator or guidance counselor for more information.